Web Products

ineedwebdesign.ca has a variety of products to choose from. If you just want a landing page with information about your business, we can do that. Dream bigger, and you can have an original five-page website with clickable links and widgets. Or go all the way up to a fully interactive, dynamic site with your own customized Content Management System (CMS).
Want an online store? We can do that too — from an EZ store to sell a few specialty products to one with product categories and hundreds of products.
We’ll give you what you need to inform and impress your customers. And we can even be your company’s personal web manager, making updates and changes to your website with a monthly maintenance package.
Click on the links above to see more of our work. Be sure to check out our resume and references.

We also work with content management companies, helping you to purchase a domain name and a monthly web-hosting plan, setting up your new site or e-store with original art, and training you to make site changes and updates.
Think bigger with a customized website and Content Management System created for you and your team to make updates hourly, daily, or weekly. Hosting plans start at $10 a month.

For existing websites – We can keep your website ship shape – make weekly changes, add information and photos, and even add new web pages. WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND – We’ll clean up the website folder, remove unnecessary code and improve your website’s search engine optimization. All we need is your website login information. Click here for more information and pricing….