Under Construction can harm you

Under Construction can harm you

What does editing HTML files have in common with shovels, hard hats, big trucks, and construction work? Nothing! This icon page says a lot about your business… but not in a positive way.

“UNDER CONSTRUCTION”  pages are a bad idea. If you don’t have the content for a page, leave it out. If you only have a homepage finished, leave it at that until you have more to add. If you insist on putting one on your site, please consider one of these alternative expressions from the Utah School of Computing…

Alternatives to “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” :

1. “I have a great vision that one day this page will actually be finished and complete. Please share in this delusion.”

2. “My company realized yesterday it had better make a web page for itself. Too cheap to afford the services of a professional web designer, they volunteered me to be the web person. All I can say in defence of this page’s current appearance is, I’m trying. I really am.”

3. “I update this page frequently. To indicate this fact, I’ll show you a picture of one my favourite toys from my childhood.

4. “I have a persistent fantasy about being able to eloquently express exactly who I am with this page of mine. Until that comes to fruition, please view my lack of expressive power as merely a temporary phenomenon.”

5. “You see, we haven’t really come to terms with the web as an extremely fluid and dynamic information technology.”

6.  “I have high standards for my work. So high, in fact, that no matter how much I work on this page, I’m never quite happy with it. Like everyone else, I resort to using an under construction icon.”

To get that pesky  “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”  page finished, contact Rachel at info@ineedwebdesign.ca or the Contact page

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